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Arya EHR: NEW FEATURE Recap, Q1 2022

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Arya Health's goal is to create a simple to use, faster, and more robust cloud EMR (electronic medical records software) than has ever been created before. We have made it a priority to continuously bring new features to our users, allowing them to simplify their practice through automations, and faster tasks. Every month Arya adds new features and Q1 2022 has seen the most feature updates since we launched. The latest additions include; Tags, Alerts, Custom Appointment Reminders (including messages and frequency), Clinician Specific Appointments, Custom Appointment Colours, and just around the corner, the all new Patient Portal.

With Arya Health, users can take full advantage of these new powerful features that were built by doctors for doctors.

Alerts Feature

You can now set alerts for your patients, and choose who in your clinic can see them directly within the EHR. These can be stored within the patient chart for viewing, or flagged to pop up whenever the patient chart is accessed. The addition of this new feature will further help with operative efficiencies for doctors and office assistants, and it will also reduce confusion and eliminate missed items. It’s quick, easy to use, and has many use cases. Lastly, it maintains the clutter free view that Arya is known for, while not interrupting your clinical workflow.

Tags Feature

Tags are a great way to identify the status of a patient, the program they are in, or other administrative statuses related to a patient.

Custom Appointment Features

Arya EHR provides a few different options for customizing your schedule and appointments. The first is the ability to set custom appointment reminders, length and colour for existing appointment types within Arya. You are also able to create clinician-specific appointment types with the same functionality.

Patient Portal Releasing Soon

The Patient Portal allows for an enhanced breathtaking experience that will change the way Patients and Doctors interact with one another. Our new Patient Portal is super intuitive and easy to use, with no additional download, cost or training needed! The Portal includes,

  • Enhanced patient empowerment

  • Online Booking Calendar

  • Upload results

  • Requisition sharing

  • Automated alerts

  • Secure messaging

Unlike our competition, Arya continues to add new features and functionality that makes managing your clinic and your patient records SIMPLE. As physicians, we understand the need for an EMR that works the way you work. If you have any questions about these new features or anything else, please reach out to us.



Arya EHR is an electronic health record system built by physicians for physicians. Used across Canada , it helps clinics manage their patient records simply, intuitively, and efficiently. The technology used in providing healthcare is antiquated, slow, overly complex, and overpriced. Arya’s philosophy is to build technology for physicians that is beautiful, intuitive, easy to use, saves you headaches and saves you money. Arya Health is calling your name, so come be a part of the change.

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