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Updated Feature: A simple and secure eFax

Faxing practices at physicians’ offices are logistical nightmares and are riddled with human error and inefficiency. The Arya eFax feature fixes all of these shortcomings.

Regular fax is antiquated and inefficient, but it is still the standard in Canada for how hospitals and clinics communicate with each other when sending referrals, prescriptions, as well as sharing patient information in general. Email is not allowed due to privacy issues so Arya has developed a solution within these confines.

Currently most clinics and hospitals use an actual fax machine. A fax arrives, the office staff scans it, then uploads it into their EHR, and then shreds the original document. This is very tedious and time consuming and leaves plenty of room for human error.

Other EHR providers may say they have an eFax feature but their eFax system is often separate from the EHR, so you would have to log into a separate application and then manually upload documents into the EHR. What we have done is taken this feature and digitized it into eFax and integrated it within Arya. All faxes appear electronically and digitized within Arya. In fact, we have built the feature to look and feel exactly like email, because that’s what a significant portion of people are used to when it comes to communicating and sharing documents.

What happens if the fax has failed to go through?

The Arya eFax has a flagging feature that notifies you if a fax has not gone through. There is also a log of all faxes sent and received so you have a full digital audit trail.

How does eFax improve Physician Workflow or a Patient Visit?

You can easily fax documents and have the peace of mind that it has been successfully sent; instead of creating a task for your MOA or risking things falling through the cracks. With this feature faxing has become so easy that it's faster for doctors to send their own faxes and free up their administrative staff for other work. Thus, saving you overhead costs and valuable time. With Arya, you can save your favorite contacts, and with just a click, send off any document you desire.

I would never have faxed my own documents with the other EHR systems I've used.

Richard Vandegriend Co-founder, Arya Health

Is the eFax as safe and secure as regular fax?

Yes, simply put it is just as safe and secure and adheres to all the security and safety requirements laid out by the industry.

How long does it take to create an eFax and to send it?

A single click, and it’s done. We have set up Arya so that faxing documents is similar to your amazon shopping cart. You go through your chart, select what you want to be put in your eFax outbox, and then send it with a single click.

Stay tuned for more Arya feature spotlights!

-Arya Health Team


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