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Core Features

Patient Portal 

Effortlessly share notes, results, prescriptions, requisitions, and surveys securely to the patient portal with just one click. In the Arya Admin panel, customize all questionnaires for your clinic, giving you full control over the content you want to send. Streamline your communication and enhance patient engagement seamlessly.

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Online Booking 

Streamline clinic operations and boost efficiency by leveraging Arya's white-label online booking link. Cut down on phone bookings and reduce clinic overhead effortlessly.


Experience unparalleled simplicity in integrated telehealth. Optimize your virtual appointments effortlessly with Arya's telehealth platform.

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Appointment Reminder for 04_30 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada) - - A

Patient Reminders

Enhance patient engagement and reduce no-shows with personalized SMS or email reminders. Tailor your communication effortlessly and boost efficiency with automated patient reminders.


Effortlessly submit billings directly to the government through Arya's streamlined platform. Additionally, utilize the private invoicing feature to send invoices directly to patients. Complete your billing process in just three clicks for maximum efficiency.

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Integrated eFax

Eliminate the hassle of dealing with third-party eFax services. With Arya, eFax is seamlessly integrated, allowing you to send, receive, and retry all within one efficient portal. Say goodbye to third-party complications and streamline your faxing process effortlessly.

AI Co-Pilot 

Say goodbye to manual note-taking! With Arya's integrated Nabla AI co-pilot, your patient encounters are transcribed automatically, generating notes for you. Rest assured, the co-pilot is privacy compliant and never stores any data, ensuring the utmost privacy and security for your practice.

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Notes Templates

Craft tailored note templates effortlessly with our customizable notes engine. Seamlessly integrate vitals, medical history, and patient information to streamline your workflow, reducing clicks and enhancing efficiency.

Forms Engine 

Empower your clinic operations with Arya's Forms Engine by creating and editing customized smart forms tailored to your needs. Take full control of your processes by designing and implementing any form you require, putting you in charge of your operations.

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