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The best Canadian EMR, Arya Electronic Health Records

Arya EHR

Modern, intuitive, powerful. Our flagship cloud based  Electronic Health Record (EHR) software is great for physicians in outpatient settings and multidisciplinary clinics.

Starting at $299/user per month

Specializations we Support 

No matter what your specialty is, Arya is here to provide you with the customized workflows, forms and templates for all your clinic needs. 

Specialty Practice

Primary Care

Allied Health 

In the bustling world of healthcare, Arya EHR stands as the solution to ease the demands on your time and resources. It simplifies your day by consolidating essential patient information onto one screen. Tailored forms cater specifically to your region's requirements, while specialist encounter note templates ensure you complete your day’s work more efficiently.

The Arya EHR's workflows are designed to harmonize effortlessly with a tailored, ongoing care strategy centered on robust patient connections. All patient information is easily accessible from a single screen, allowing you to promptly take actions straight from the patient chart with a simple click. This efficient system reduces paperwork and cuts down on time spent navigating your EMR.

Each practice holds its own uniqueness, hence why we closely heeded the voices of Allied Health providers across Canada to tailor Arya in accordance with the specific needs of your specialty. Arya adeptly supports all the various roles and workflows essential to sustaining the momentum of your practice, fostering more efficiency and effectiveness in care delivery.


Simple, integrated, fast. Our integrated Telehealth platform enhances both the patient and doctor experience. Conduct appointments virtually through secure video calls, with no extra software or fees needed. Just one click and you are connected!

Arya EHR Telemedicine, Canadian EMR

Arya Patient Portal

The new Patient Portal is going to bring new ways for doctors to put patients in the driving seat, saving administrative costs and reducing the burden on MOA's. Upload documents like patient requisitions, lab results, and even patient educational materials! We also have questionnaires and surveys you can send to patients prior to appointments to gather data. 

Arya EHR Telehealth.png
Arya EHR Patient Portal, Canadian Healthcare

Let us help make your practice better.

There's a reason why Arya EHR is trusted coast to coast across Canada. Find out today how we can transform your practice and help you achieve your goals. Click the link to fill out the demo form. We look forward to meeting you.

Arya Handover

Designed for use in hospital settings, Handover helps you streamline communication and patient handover.​ Arya Handover includes the charting power of Arya EHR, plus features designed to facilitate in-patient management.

  • Organize patients in different lists

  • Manage the flow of patients through the hospital

  • Identify which patients are most at-risk

  • Assign patients to colleague

Arya Handover, Hospital Technology
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