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The Story of Arya

Change is never easy. Sometimes it just takes the correct visionaries to make it happen.


Our story begins with Arya Health Co-Founders, Drs. Sam Gharbi, Richard Sztramko, and Richard Vandegriend.  After having firsthand experience spending years using outdated and antiquated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology, they had had enough and knew something had to be done. It bothered them to see how painfully inefficient and unnecessarily difficult it can often be to provide high quality care from within our current healthcare technology ecosystem, which has coined the infamous term "death by a thousand cuts." The legacy EMR’s on the market are hard to navigate, expensive, and not intuitive at all - leaving most physicians feeling frustrated with their wasted time and resources. 


After beginning the gruelling development process in 2016 the founders were able to bootstrap their way launching into the Canadian EMR market. Over the past 7 years, Arya Health has received an overwhelmingly positive response coast to coast from clinics to hospitals settings. Arya Health has developed an electronic health record and patient handover system built by physicians for physicians. It helps manage your patient records simply, intuitively, and efficiently. Arya’s philosophy is to build technology for physicians that is beautiful, intuitive, easy to use, saves you headaches and saves you money.


The main problem that the founders see with healthcare technology, and why it’s so poorly designed, is that it’s traditionally built by businesspeople, administrators, and developers. Although these people are important, they aren’t the actual people working with the products directly day to day to take care of patients or run clinics.  At Arya Health, we start with the end-user in mind.


We could go on and on about how amazing our products are, but you need to experience it yourself. Arya Health is calling your name, so come be a part of the change. Forget the stress, save time, and save money. 

Contact our team now!

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Our mission is to build technology for physicians that is beautiful, intuitive, easy to use, saves you headaches and saves you money.


Our vision is to be a catalyst for change, bringing new and improved technology to the current healthcare market. 

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Meet The Team

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Dr. Sam Gharbi 


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Dr. Sam Gharbi is an internal medicine specialist physician with a background in health informatics currently practicing in Vancouver BC.  He has previously served as the Associate Chief Medical Information Officer for Vancouver Coastal Health & Vancouver General Hospital where he helped spearhead the digital transformation to electronic records across VCH, PHC, and PHSA, as well as having worked with various startups before co-founding Arya Health.


Dr. Richard Vandegriend 


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Dr. Vandegriend is a seasoned Cardiologist with a passion for health technology and innovation. Co-Founder at Arya Electronic Health Records, where we are providing meaningful EHR solutions created by physicians, for physicians. He completed his residency at the University of British Columbia, and followed that with his fellowship training for cardiac intensive care at the University of Toronto. 

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Dr. Richard Sztramko


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Dr. Sztramko practices Geriatric and Internal Medicine at St. Peter’s and Juravinski Hospitals in Hamilton, Ontario.  He is an Assistant Professor at McMaster University. He also has served as the Chief Medical Officer of a publicly traded remote chronic disease management company called Reliq Health TSX: V (RHT), and currently consults for US-based Kerna Health. 

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Kent Hawkins

Marketing Advisor

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Kent has over 10+yrs of experience in the Consumer Marketing Industry. As a Marketing Advisor, Kent has provided guidance to the team on; establishing their online footprint, developing content that will establish them as a reputable authority, creating strategic channels to share their message and content through and identifying the best opportunities to find new customers.

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Kelly Kolapak

Product Manager

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Kelly has extensive experience in the medical records space, she is  an advocate for bringing meaningful change to real people. Kelly loves working with users and stakeholders in understanding their problems and finding solutions to their needs through software. To ensure we are building the "right" thing, she leverages both quantitive and qualitative insights to validate decisions and incorporate those insights into the product.

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John Gibson

Chief Financial Officer

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John is an experienced international accountant with expertise in both public and corporate accounting. He is an enthusiastic, hands on finance lead with strong technical and management skills. John thrives in dynamic, fast-paced environments, providing strong leadership to senior management.

Quality Assurance Analyst 

Shereen Maqsood.jpeg

Matt Pidlisecky

Shereen Maqsood

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Matt is a recent graduate at the University of Victoria, Gustavson School of Business. He has a passion for creative marketing, and extensive experience with inbound and outbound sales. He prioritizes building long lasting relationships and partnerships within the health industry, to ensure positive change for the future.

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Shereen is an IMG (International medical graduate) with over 5 years  of experience working in multiple clinical setups. She has done her postgrad in Health Informatics. Shereen firmly believes that Digital health is the way going forward.
As a Quality Assurance Analyst she is passionate about Identifying issues and developing innovative solutions to provide a superior customer experience .

Sales and Marketing Lead

Sunrise over Mountains

Employee Spotlight 

Kelly Kolapak - Product Manager

"I’ve always had a passion for healthcare technology and optimization so being able to combine those into one position is pretty much a dream for me" Read more
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