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Data Migrations

Our team comprises highly skilled professionals specializing in data transfer and project management. We have developed a reliable and successful process that guarantees results, regardless of the scale or unique requirements of your medical practice. 


Step 1

Kickoff Call

We will schedule a 30-60 minute call to discuss in depth what Data migration package you have selected, and any custom work that you will need to be done. We will also discuss any questions you have about the onboarding process, and determine your go-live date. 

Step 2

Data Migration Setup

Next, if you are migrating data from a legacy EMR vendor to Arya we will have you put us in touch with them so we can discuss the logistics of the migration. We will obtain a test extract of the data and review it as a team.

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Step 3

Test Data Review 

Once our team has completed a test migration of your clinic data, we will meet as a team to confirm that the data we have migrated is to your standard and there are no outstanding issues. 

Step 4

Final Migration Review

You will have a final review of your migrated clinic data before you go-live. After the final migration is complete you can view all of your legacy vendor data within Arya!

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Data Migration Complete

Congratulations! You have now completed a data migration, and you can access all of your legacy data in Arya. 

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