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Wellness MD Podcast
ft. Dr. Sztramko

In this episode of the Wellness MD Podcast, Dr. Daniela Steyn and Dr. Richard Sztramko discuss physician burnout. If you're a busy professional struggling to keep up with the demands of your job and family life, this podcast is a must-listen!

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priMed Podcast
ft. Dr. Gharbi

Dr. Gharbi and I spend a good hour talking about the current issues in Healthcare, some innovative solutions to them and the future of the profession. We touch on topics such as virtual care, patient centered medical records, and AI diagnostics.

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RX for Success Podcast
ft. Dr. Sztramko

Come discover in depth who Arya EHR co-founder Dr. Richard Sztramko is, and what he has already accomplished with Arya Health's electronic medical records!

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beyond MD Podcast 
ft. Dr. Sztramko

Dr. Yatin Chadha hosts Dr. Richard Sztramko to discuss, Arya EHR: basics, services offered, current issues facing EHR, Vision and mission behind Arya, How Arya can reduce cost and enhance efficiency and so much more.

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A Clean Bill of Wealth Podcast 
ft. Dr. Gharbi

I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but I have to say Dr. Gharbi has created an incredibly slick, easy to use, intuitive software for doctors. Why did he do this? Because he's a doctor and was sick of using tired old clunky software so he did something about it and created the best Canadian EMR "Arya EHR". 

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The Paradocs Podcast 
ft. Dr. Sztramko

If you want to get a doctor's blood pressure up or make her sweat, just tell her that you have a great electronic health record (EHR) to use. EHRs are the bane of a physician's life because they don't work well with your work flow, create extra work and inefficiencies, and cost a ton of money.

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In the Press


Best Startup Canada
Arya Health, Top SaaS Startup 

This article showcases the top picks for the best Vancouver based SaaS companies. Arya Health tops the list, as it is recognized as a leader in the health tech industry. 

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Aspire to Tech, BC Tech Association
ft. Kelly Kolapak

Arya Health's Project Manager Kelly Kolapak was recently interviewed by the BC Tech association about her career within the BC tech industry. 

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Whats Your Tech
ft. Matt Pidlisecky

Vancouver Student and Innovator Thrives in Health Tech Internship. Come read about how about the changing digital landscape in healthcare delivery in Canada, Matt's innovation role at Arya Health, and his advice to help students find and thrive in tech and innovation-related internships.

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Vancouver Tech Journal
ft. Arya Health

I've been obsessed with improving healthcare since day one of being in it." — Dr. Sam Gharbi on riding the healthtech rollercoaster from med school to Arya Health.

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Start-up of the week

Welcome to Startup of the Week. A column highlighting BC’s most innovative and exciting tech startups. Today, we’re featuring Vancouver’s Arya EHR.

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