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NEW FEATURE: Automate Note Taking in Arya EHR

Arya is excited to announce the launch of our innovative and efficient Notes Engine.

Our Notes Engine allows clinicians to drastically reduce the amount of time needed for completion of medical documentation. By providing them with structured templates, as well as enabling them to create their own algorithms, they can have notes template auto populate and simply click through to complete their notes. This is in contrast to lengthy dictations or typing out notes, which is simply inefficient.

The notes engine also streamlines complex and chronic disease management in a way that automates data entry instead of the user having to dig through the chart to then populate their notes. Users have been shown to cut down their average documentation time from 5 to 10 minutes per patient to 1 to 3 minutes per patient on average (depending on clinical scenario) with the functionality provided.

With the Notes Engine you can:

  • Create your own template for any symptom or medical illness

  • Have this template appear when seeing a patient with a particular issue, which will auto populate the template based on information within the EHR (ex. Vitals taken at the office)

  • You can simply click through the note to select the desired information or add extra information as needed to then complete the note.

Creating a note template is seamless and easy. Each template takes between 5 to 10 mins to create. Once you’ve built the template you can quickly load it into your patient file and fill it out in mere seconds. Here is a 30 second video showing how easy it is to populate the note once the template has been built.

[In a matter of clicks all the data has been entered, and the physician can move on to something else.]

The benefits to the physician and the clinics is that everyone save lots of time! Additionally, the notes templates create documentation that is more accurate and complete through automation. It also creates a more collaborative record where information from multiple sources can be amalgamated seamlessly within the record. For example, the nurse can take the vitals, and when you create your note the vitals are automatically pulled into your chart. Alternatively, you can have a physician assistant populate the patient’s medication record, and have that then pulled seamlessly into the note.

"It enables physicians to focus less time on paperwork/busywork, and more time with the patient."
Dr. Sam Gharbi, Co-Founder

The new Arya Notes Engine streamlines your work and the work of your office staff. This allows you to have more time with your patient while reducing your time interacting with the EMR. Efficiencies that improve your well-being and that of your patients. Find out more about Arya's new notes engine by booking a demo with us.

Stay tuned for more Arya feature spotlights!

-Arya Health Team


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