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A Case Study: How Arya Reduced a Clinic's Overhead by 1.5 MOAs

Updated: May 2

This case study explores the impact of implementing Arya EHR (Electronic Health Record) system on the administrative operations of a healthcare facility in British Columbia, Canada.

Client Background: Cedar Care Clinic, located in the vibrant Fraser Valley area of British Columbia, is a medium-sized Primary Care facility dedicated to serving a diverse patient demographic. With a team of five dedicated physicians, they operate at full capacity within the new BC LFP model, accommodating up to 50 patients per day per physician.

Challenge: Cedar Care Clinic faced challenges typical of an outdated legacy EMR software, including inefficient retrieval of patient information, increased risk of errors, and cumbersome administrative processes. Despite managing to maintain a high patient volume daily, Cedar Care found themselves heavily reliant on extensive administrative support to navigate its operational tasks.

Solution: Recognizing the need for a comprehensive EHR solution, Cedar Care Clinic opted for Arya EHR, a modern electronic health record system designed to streamline workflows and enhance data management capabilities. The implementation of Arya EHR aimed to centralize patient records, optimize administrative tasks and reduce clinic overhead.

Implementation Process: The implementation process involved meticulous planning, staff training, and customization to align Arya EHR with the clinic's specific workflows and requirements. Key steps included data migration from existing systems, configuration of user permissions, and integration with other clinical systems.

Results: As a result of implementing Arya EHR, Cedar Care Clinic achieved significant improvements in administrative efficiency and resource utilization within 1 year of going live:

  • Reduction in Administrative Staff: Cedar Care Clinic successfully reduced its administrative staff by 1.5 Full-Time Equivalent MOAs. This reduction reflects the streamlined workflows and automated processes enabled by Arya EHR, which eliminated the need for manual data entry and record maintenance.

  • Enhanced Productivity: With Arya EHR, administrative staff could devote more time to value-added tasks such as patient communication, appointment scheduling, and billing processing, leading to improved overall productivity.

  • Data Accessibility and Accuracy: The centralized nature of Arya EHR improved the accessibility and accuracy of patient records, enabling healthcare providers to make more informed clinical decisions. This accessibility also facilitated better coordination among multidisciplinary care teams.

  • Provider Satisfaction: Despite the transition from a legacy EMR, Arya received positive feedback from healthcare providers for its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation. A physician from Cedar Care Clinic states "Because of Arya, we require fewer support staff compared to before in order to complete the work generated by the physicians. Compared to other EMRs, for those in the clinic who are fully electronic, there is a definite work efficiency using Arya."

Conclusion: The adoption of Arya EHR revolutionized the administrative operations of the healthcare facility, enabling streamlined workflows, improved data management, and cost savings. By embracing digital transformation, the clinic positioned itself for future growth and continued excellence in patient care delivery.

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