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A Case Study: Royal Columbian Cardiac Clinic switches to Arya EHR

Updated: May 2

After assessing their patient and staff workflows, along with the need to move from paper charts to electronic health records (EHR), the Cardiac Clinic at Royal Columbian Hospital has switched to Arya EHR. Piloting and vetting the program for the better part of 2020, the clinic decided to permanently use Arya as their patient records system.

Through the pilot program, Arya Health Records (EHR) completed the rigorous compliance testing set out by Fraser Health Authority. Passing the thorough and strict privacy and security standards of a Health Authority is a major accomplishment and approves Arya for use in the region.

The Cardiac Clinic at Royal Columbian Hospital (RCH) contains both the Heart

Function (HF) Clinic and the Atrial Fibrillation (AF) clinic. With considerable growth year after year, this busy multi-disciplinary clinic is now actively treating over 2000 complex cardiac patients. Under constraints of physical space and resources, the Cardiac Clinic was experiencing difficulty in meeting the benchmark wait-time targets set out by the Provincial Heart Failure Group and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society. The psychological stress of this has been taking its toll on the human resources of the clinic.

Given these limitations, the Cardiac Clinic began evaluating how to improve efficiency through streamlining care pathways. The glaring and recurrently raised issue is the fact that they still rely on paper charting, rather than electronic health records (EHR). The clerical burden exceeded the capacity of the administrative staff and a considerable clerical workload fell to the clinical staff. Additionally, the paper charts occupied precious real-estate in the clinic that can be used for direct patient care. This is where Arya comes in.

With the implementation of Arya EHR the Heart Clinic expects to realize the following benefits:

  1. Reduction in clerical workload on our clinicians will allow for more patients seen resulting in shortened wait-times

  2. Elimination of chart rack will allow for expansion of clinical space resulting in more capacity

  3. Reduction in clerical hours and office consumables will provide savings beyond the cost of the EHR

  4. Reduced misplacement/mishandling of patient documents will result in less patient adverse events.

  5. Great provider and patient satisfaction.

The benefits of Arya EHR to the Cardiac Clinic have been immeasurable. Saving the clinic money, allowing them to be more efficient and reducing the mental burden on staff are just a few of the differences the modern Arya platform has brought. The shift from paper charts to Arya will impact patients the most by shortening wait times, increasing capacity and eliminating patient adverse events.



Design by physicians for physicians.

In multiple case studies of clinics converting to Arya EHR, a 50% reduction in clerical workload was observed, freeing up clerical time for more meaningful activities or reducing overall clerical hours. Arya EHR seamlessly integrates incoming and outgoing e-fax for convenient handling of documents. It generates automatic patient reminders, allows patient online self-booking and provides tele-health functionality for virtual visits. It is cloud-based and accessible anywhere on PC, Mac, Tablet or SmartPhone. Most importantly it does all of this while adhering to the highest standards of security and privacy.

Finally, Arya EHR has been built with a full backend database and analytics functionality. This enables the possibility of a high-quality data set that can drive quality improvement, answer research questions, contribute to national initiatives and inform regulatory decisions. The benefits of this cannot be understated.

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Updated April 10th 2024


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