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Boost Your Clinic's Revenue with Arya EHR: A Physician's Guide

Are you a physician looking to maximize your clinic's financial outcomes? If so, you might find that your current EMR system is holding you back. Slow, unintuitive interfaces can hinder your potential earnings. But fear not, there's a solution – Arya EHR. In this article, we'll explore how Arya EHR has helped physicians across Canada increase their billings by up to 50% while maintaining their work hours.

Reducing Clinic Overhead

Arya EHR revolutionizes the way clinics operate by reducing reliance on administrative staff. Physicians can seamlessly integrate essential tasks into their daily routines, from managing results to issuing prescriptions and completing billings. By automating these tasks and providing a user-friendly interface, Arya Health empowers healthcare providers to focus more on patient care while significantly reducing administrative burdens and operational costs. Check out the video below to see how Dr. Vandegriend has implemented certain items into his workflow without creating extra work for himself of his MOA.

Streamlined Charting Process

One of the biggest time drains for physicians is the note-writing process. Arya EHR significantly expedites this process with customizable note templates tailored to various specialties and patient encounters. Physicians can efficiently construct comprehensive notes during consultations, saving valuable time. Moreover, Arya Health's fully integrated AI scribe feature captures and transcribes patient-physician conversations in real-time, eliminating the need for manual note-taking. By leveraging these advanced technologies, Arya Health empowers physicians to streamline their note-taking process, ultimately improving overall efficiency and patient care delivery. Check out the video below to see the integrated AI scribe.

Simplified Billing and Prescription Refills

With Arya Health, physicians can streamline their workflow by attaching specific billing codes and medications to patients, facilitating quicker prescription refills and billing processes. Arya's intuitive software eases the progress of batch refills for medication, saving time and effort for physicians. Check out how easy it is to bill within Arya below!

Real Results with Arya EHR

Case studies have shown impressive results for physicians using Arya EHR. By reducing reliance on MOAs and streamlining workflows, physicians have seen significant time savings and increased revenue. One physician was able to reduce the time requirements from shared MOAs by 40%, resulting in a cost savings of $20,000 per year. Additionally, by switching to Arya, another physician was able to see 50% more patients per day, resulting in an incremental billing of $1000 a day.

Book a Demo Today!

If you're ready to speed up your workflows and boost your clinic's revenue, consider Arya EHR. Book a demo today to see firsthand how Arya can revolutionize your practice and make you more money. Don't let outdated EMR systems hold you back – upgrade to Arya EHR and unlock your clinic's full potential.


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