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Elevating Patient Care: How Arya EHR is Rapidly Winning Over Physicians

With dozens of different EMR and clinic management systems out there, it is sometimes hard to nail down exactly what you are looking for with all of the options available. Arya, however, has proven time and again that a formidable brand and an extensive marketing budget are not prerequisites for making a lasting impression on physicians. We have consistently demonstrated our ability to engage physicians, showcasing how Arya can simplify their professional lives without the need for a big-name reputation. Following a nationwide outreach effort through a customer experience survey, we uncovered recurring themes that shed light on why physicians not only choose Arya but also continue to embrace it. The feedback illuminated the distinct features and advantages that resonate with our user community, providing valuable insights into the unique appeal of Arya in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology.

Ease of use, with a modern feel

From the customer experience survey, physicians have consistently praised Arya for its user-friendly design, noting its modern interface and intuitive navigation. The platform’s efficiency streamlines their workflow, enabling them to see more patients without sacrificing quality of care. Across all categories, Arya stands out as a comprehensive solution that optimizes physician productivity while maintaining high standards of care.  For growing organizations it makes onboarding new front office staff, Locums or new physicians even easier, as it requires less training time to get them up and running on Arya.

Everything you need to successfully run your clinic 

Arya EHR stands out for its comprehensive platform, equipping clinic owners and managers with the essential tools to effortlessly and successfully operate their clinics, thanks to a carefully curated tech stack. The integration of various features into a unified platform streamlines clinic management, offering a stress-free and efficient experience for Arya users. From Telehealth and online booking to the patient portal and E-fax services, Arya seamlessly provides all these functionalities under one roof. In contrast to other EMR platforms that often rely on partnerships with multiple companies and present users with numerous "add-ons," Arya's approach avoids unnecessary complications and additional costs. Clinic managers and physicians appreciate the simplicity of dealing with a single provider for all their clinic needs, eliminating the common frustration of dealing with multiple entities and potential finger-pointing when issues arise. This integrated approach not only enhances efficiency but also adds significant value to the overall experience for healthcare professionals.

Workflow Efficiency

Additional insights from the customer feedback survey underscore the practicality of Arya's workflows for physicians. The ability to complete billing within just a couple of clicks, effortlessly send E-faxes, and generate prescriptions in under 10 seconds emerged as key highlights, providing physicians with compelling reasons to appreciate and choose Arya for their practice management needs. Arya's comprehensive billing system seamlessly integrates with Dr. Bill and MD Billing, providing a versatile solution for both private and public billing to cater to diverse practice needs. Physicians can effortlessly allocate billing codes to individual patients, streamlining the billing process and ensuring precision. Further enhancing efficiency, Arya EHR simplifies administrative tasks by automatically populating the address book for the relevant region upon going live, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

With Arya's E-fax functionality, healthcare providers can send multiple forms with just one click, streamlining communication and saving valuable time. Additionally, Arya's prescription feature empowers physicians to easily prescribe specific medications to patients, facilitating quick refills and improving overall medication management. This suite of features aims to enhance the overall workflow for healthcare professionals, allowing them to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks.

Customer Support 

Customer support is an area where many physicians feel their EMR provider fall short. From waiting days before receiving a response, to never hearing back, they’re tired of poor service where vendors won’t return their calls or address their issues in the system. Arya sets the standard for unparalleled customer support, featuring a live intercom with an impressive response time of just 5-10 minutes. Our dedicated support team is readily available Monday to Friday, committed to promptly addressing any questions or concerns. This ensures that physicians and MOAs receive the assistance required to maintain the seamless operation of their clinics. We take immense pride in our commitment to excellence in customer service, going above and beyond to deliver personalized support and tailored solutions to address any issues that may arise. Your satisfaction and the smooth functioning of your practice are our top priorities.

About Arya Health

Physicians have grown weary of the constant frustration and deception they encounter from large corporate vendors, entities seemingly indifferent to the well-being of doctors and lacking a fundamental understanding of the intricacies of healthcare. These corporations prioritize stock values over patient welfare and often overlook the genuine challenges faced by physicians. In stark contrast, Arya stands as a testament to a different ethos – a platform conceived and developed by doctors, for doctors. Arya is on a dedicated mission to authentically revolutionize healthcare delivery, recognizing that the exorbitant costs are largely attributed to inefficient logistics, a problem that can be effectively addressed through the implementation of advanced technology.


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