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A Case Study: Could a new EMR improve your medical practice?

Updated: May 2

We get this question a lot. Clinics inquire about whether switching to a new EMR (in our case; Arya) will actually make their practice more efficient, easier to run, and more profitable. With staff being so used to one medical software it can be hard to tell if changing the software will make the practice better or if it will be more pain than it is worth.

The best way for us to answer this for them (and you) is through a Case Study. For this example we will be featuring a half-time specialist in a solo-practice working out of ForeMed Clinic in New Westminster, BC. This practitioner switched from a competitor EMR to Arya in early 2020. Here was their experience and the benefits they saw.



Clinic Setup and Migration

To setup a new clinic on Arya took this physician 5 minutes. A few clicks and questions and they were logged in updating their profile, building their schedule, and more. (It's as easy as signing up for a new email address or an UberEats account.) When the account is setup there is a short period of time where we migrate patient chart data over to the new Arya the clinic along with connecting results, e-fax and other features that the physician used. (This can take a day or two or up to a week depending on how intricate your practice is and the number and history of the patients.)

"I was surprised how quickly my new account was up and running with Arya. Simple, easy to follow steps made it easy. The hardest part was getting my data from my previous EMR. The team at Arya was very helpful and lead the way with a smooth transition."


Included in the price of Arya is free training and on-boarding for the physician and their staff. However, the clinic found our EMR to be so intuitive that hardly any training was required. A quick orientation over the phone along with a few questions in the first week and the clinic was off and running. Many of our competitors have complicated, dated software that is difficult to understand and hard to navigate. With our clear words based menus and options it is simple to navigate Arya and you can quickly figure out how to use it, just like most websites you visit.


One of the main benefits that this practitioner found was that Arya had all of their integrations built into one software. In their previous EMR they had to leave the software for Telehealth, and incoming or outgoing faxes. Most requisitions were not available or easily created and that meant filling out many requisitions by hand. The dated software meant time wasted changing screens and programs constantly. And this was for both them and their MOA.

Switching to Arya meant the physician and MOA could manage all of their workflows in one place. Telehealth is a button away, SMS reminders go automatically from the platform, Billing is two simple clicks for each patient and results and e-faxes auto flow right into the patient chart. A forms engine allows any requisition to be transformed into a digital smart form within 5 minutes meaning that anytime it is loaded for a patient, it will autofill with as much information as desired.

Result: the physician was able to reduce the time requirements they needed from the clinic's shared MOAs by 40%. This was a cost savings of $20,000/ year. This is specifically a result of having a fully-integrated, easy to use, intuitive EMR that saves time.


Many EMRs on the market cost over $500 / month or $6000 a year. This is a significant cost especially if factored over a 20 year practice. One of the motivating factors of switching to Arya was a dramatic cost savings for this physician's practice. By moving to Arya the physician was able to save over $200/month. Additionally, with Arya integrations including e-Fax and e-Prescriptions the physician printed less resulting in fewer office supplies being required. This netted an incremental savings of $200/month.


Lastly, one of the largest differences was that switching to Arya saved the physician a lot of time. By not having to switch between different software platforms, and not having to wait for documents to be scanned and uploaded, the doctor was able to be much more efficient with each visit. So much so that they were able to see 50% more patients per day. As a specialist this allowed them to bill an incremental $1000 a day.


Overall, switching to Arya had a huge impact on this physician and the clinic that he works out of. Aside from having a much easier to use EMR, the clinic now operates faster and with less costs.


New Revenue / Year: $75,000+


If you are interested to hear more Case Studies or to learn more about how Arya EHR could help your practice, please contact us to schedule a demo. Or send us an email at .



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