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Half of all BC Physicians are Dissatisfied with their EMR

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Doctors of BC have conducted a province wide survey to ensure that current electronic health priorities align with clinic needs in a post-pandemic environment. Their goal was to discover if the current EMR offerings satisfy the needs of BC physicians. See the full survey here.


The Findings

According to the research the Doctors of BC conducted, 56% of respondents said they are not satisfied with their EMR Vendor as a whole. The study showed that, “costs related to EMRs were a primary concern, as well as admin burden, and data portability.” Further it was found that “EMR features and functionalities, the EMR vendor sunsetting/ discontinuing their product, and overall product cost increases” also contributed to the satisfaction levels. It has become very clear that BC Doctors are unhappy with the current landscape within the EMR market. Within the survey it became clear that there are 5 areas where Doctors are not fully satisfied with regards to their current EMR,

  1. Cost of EMR

  2. Less administrative burden in relation to antiquated EMR systems

  3. High quality customer service from vendors

  4. Easy clinic set-up, simple training and quick data migration

  5. Enhanced integrations/features

How is Arya Addressing These EHR Burdens

Cost of EMR / Administrative Burden

Many EMRs on the market cost over $500 / month or $6000 a year per clinical user. This is a significant cost especially if factored over a 25 year practice. This concern is amplified when there is low competition within the EMR market, and a monopoly is created when there are only a few firms who are able to compete giving a select few total control over pricing.

Arya EHR starts at $299/user per month which includes many of the features that you need to pay extra for with other EMR vendors, for example Telehealth and appointment reminders. Arya’s Cost savings include not just what you pay for the subscription, but also the savings on the administrative burden that comes with a slow and outdated system.

For example;

Switching to Arya meant the physician and MOA could manage all of their workflows in one place. Telehealth is a button away, SMS reminders go automatically from the platform, Billing is two simple clicks for each patient and results and e-faxes auto flow right into the patient chart. A forms engine allows any requisition to be transformed into a digital smart form within 5 minutes meaning that anytime it is loaded for a patient, it will autofill with as much information as desired. Physicians are able to reduce the time requirements they need from the clinic's shared MOAs by 40%, saving thousands of dollars each month.

High Quality Customer Service

As stated in the research, 56% of respondents were not satisfied with their EMR vendor as a whole. This can be attributed to the low quality customer service that comes with many of the larger EMR providers. Just like dealing with a large organization in any other industry, it becomes very hard not just to become a 'number' to them.

Ensuring that customers are our number one priority is something that Arya takes very seriously, as we want to retain doctors and physicians to be loyal customers. At Arya we’re hungry, passionate, and creative enough to think outside the box - Our support team is incredible and hilarious so you’ll enjoy yourself as opposed to being bored and feeling neglected with many other EMR companies. We also offer virtual support, so no more waiting on hold to get assistance.

Simple Clinic Setup and Training

Changing EMR providers should be a smooth transition, especially when it comes to the clinic setup, staff training and data migration. BC doctors deserve the ability to transition from one EMR to another with no bottlenecks or barriers to service.

At Arya we include in the price free training and on-boarding for physicians and their staff. However, most clinics found Arya to be so intuitive that hardly any training is required. Within one clinic that uses Arya, a quick orientation over the phone along with a few questions in the first week and the clinic was off and running.

Many of our competitors have complicated, outdated software that is difficult to understand and hard to navigate. With our clear words based menus and options, as well as consistent functionality across the platform, it is simple to navigate Arya and you can quickly figure out how to use it, just like most websites that you visit.

Enhanced Integrations/Features

The survey stated that 280 BC Physicians are planning to switch EMR vendors within the next year because of a lack of features and functionalities. With many outdated systems, physicians have to leave their EMR software for Telehealth, and incoming or outgoing electronic faxes. Most requisitions are not available or easily created and that means many requisitions are filled out by hand. These dated softwares mean time is being wasted changing screens and programs constantly.

Arya EHR is proud to offer such a robust platform of features all built within the EMR system including the following.

Patient Scheduling

Notes Engine


Global eFax


Online Booking & SMS Appointment Reminders


Patient Portal


Contact ARYA EHR Now!

Arya EHR is an electronic health record system built by physicians for physicians. Used across Canada, it helps clinics manage their patient records simply, intuitively, and efficiently. The technology used in providing healthcare is antiquated, slow, overly complex, and overpriced. Arya’s philosophy is to build technology for physicians that is beautiful, intuitive, easy to use, saves you headaches and saves you money.

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