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Finding a locum has never been this easy!

Have you booked a holiday months in advance and then scrambled through your contact list and linkedIn connections to try to find someone to cover your medical practice? Have you emailed your list of fellow physicians in the hopes that they know a new grad looking for some work? Have you wondered why it is so hard to find a locum? So did our friends from Cherry Health! So they built a new system to handle this exact problem.

But let's rewind.

Back in April 2020 Dr Jordan VoIlrath, a recent graduate of Family Medicine from the University of Calgary, received a locum request, via text, from a physician in a small town in Southwestern Alberta. He checked his schedule but was already booked for those dates and was unable to take the opportunity. However, as a recent grad, he knew a number of other new physicians that were looking for locum opportunities. So he posted the request to his Facebook page. Within 15 minutes two of his colleagues responded eager to fill the opportunity.

In the process of connecting his colleagues to the original doctor he came to realize just how far removed the doctor was from the person who was going to be their locum. Additionally the locum knew nothing about the doctor and had little to no information about the clinic, patients, town, or terms of the coverage.

“This was that 'epiphany moment'. It dawned on me the lunacy of not having a system in place for physicians to arrange locums. - Dr. Jordan Vollrath , Co-Founder of Cherry Health

The next month Cherry Health was incorporated and Jordan and his co-founder Maximilian Kerz were well on their way to having designed and prototyped a mobile listing app that would fulfill this hole in medical administration. (Imagine a real estate listing app, but for locum positions and locum profiles) Fast forward 7 months and they now have 7 % of Alberta’s family physicians using the platform.

Posting a locum opportunity now takes less than 10 seconds to broadcast to the entire country. It no longer requires enlisting your entire extended social network and is completely free. Listing are detailed, informative, transparent and can be matched with locum profiles that are equally as detailed. Gone are the headaches of finding a locum. Cherry Health solved this problem.

Are you looking for a locum?

Are you a locum looking for a position?

Check out our friends and their app at !


Arya EHR has partnered with Cherry Health to provide Electronic Health Records software to any locum looking for an affordable, robust and easy to use solution while they work in a variety of different clinics. Switching from one office to another has never been easier on Arya.

Why have multiple EHRs in a variety of offices when you can have one. Check out how Arya is perfectly designed for full practice physicians and locums! Find out more CONTACT US at .


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