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Building in Billing: Why ‘Arya EHR’ Chose Dr. Bill for their Electronic Medical Records Software

NOTE: This is a reposted article from the Dr. Bill website. The original article can be seen here.


Six years ago classmates Dr. Vandegriend, Dr. Sztramko and Dr. Gharbi were doing their medical residences together in Vancouver. During this time they rotated between clinics, hospitals and offices using numerous different electronic medical records (EMRs). Meeting on the odd weekend, or day off, each one of them complained about the difficulties and challenges they had with the various EMRs. They were shocked at how slow, inefficient, poorly designed, dated, and tough to navigate they were. Not to mention that they weren’t even connected to any of the service tools their supervisors needed (i.e, Billing, Patient Messaging, Faxes, etc..) They had to navigate out of the EMR just to find the information they need in the EMR.

Once they graduated they were faced with the daunting task that many physicians have; which EMR to use. This was like deciding between using AOL or paper records. It was then that they said; “we have to make a better EMR!” And that’s just what they did.  Fast forward to 2018 when they launched their own EMR, ARYA. Taking a novel approach, that no EMRs had before, they designed their EMR for doctors. Finally, a product that was Designed by Doctors, for Doctors (which is appropriately their tag line). Too many EMRs are not designed with their users in mind. Arya gets to the heart of the work flows that physicians face everyday. It eliminates tedious steps, clicks and fields that slow down work speed. It has a clean interface that works on multiple devices and is cloud based so it can be accessed from home, office or hospital.

Arya EHR isn't just a solution for Medical Clinics (EMRs), it’s also a solution for various other health related facilities such as Assisted Living Homes to Physiotherapy Offices. Hence the name; Arya Electronic Health Records.

So How Does Dr. Bill fit into all of this?

Well, one of the goals of Arya was to integrate all of the physician required tools and resources into the EMR. In other EMRs, the physician needs to leave the software to send a patient appointment reminder or retrieve results from a lab, or a referring fax from another physician. But with Arya these tools are integrated right into the software. And one of those tools is Billing.

As a physician, in order to get paid, you’ve got to submit claims to the provincial government for reimbursement. You’re probably used to doing this separately which is something that Arya has worked to change. At first, the team looked at building this functionality themselves but quickly decided it would be more effective and easier to utilize the power and design of Dr. Bill. As a result, Arya is the first EMR to have Dr. Bill fully integrated. With just a few clicks you can submit all of your billings! When we asked Arya why they chose Dr. Bill, they said; “why try to build something that you’ve already mastered, lets just work together!”  And that’s what we did! We asked Dr. Vandegriend to explain why Dr. Bill was the right fit.

“Aside from Dr. Bill being an easy solution to implement into Arya, it was really the people behind Dr. Bill. They have an excellent team that is extremely supportive to physicians and was equally supportive to us. Additionally, it’s an industry leading solution that has already been adopted by so many doctors that it was a natural decision for us to find a way to incorporate it into Arya. For physicians using Dr-Bill for their hospital based practice, it now centralized all billings between the hospital and the outpatient practice for greater clarity of the overall billing process.  And now that we have been working together for over 2 years, we are glad we made this decision. Dr. Bill works flawlessly with Arya and our physicians couldn’t be happier.”

In addition to platform integrations the team at ARYA also built a very clean, easy to navigate interface with simple workflows and intuitive steps. It works from web browsers on Mac and PC, laptops, desktops, phones and tablets. It is fully integrated with built in services like e-fax, prescription creation, file attachments, referrals, notes, scheduling, tele-health, front-end speech recognition, patient messaging and more.  And most interesting of all, it’s extremely affordable coming in at half the price of other EMRs. In our opinion, one of the best benefits of Arya is their ability to do monthly updates with new features. This means they’re always improving and finding ways to simplify the EMR system. Plus, they don’t wait years or more to update or fix bugs, they fix them daily! It’s benefits like these that have drawn many clinics and medical offices over to Arya. With a growing team, new monthly features, an expanding client base and a leadership team that puts doctors at the forefront, Arya is poised to take a byte out of the electronic medical records industry here in Canada!



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