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COVID-19 Tracking & Care: Arya Partners with ICU & Emergency Departments in greater Vancouver.

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

The medical challenge of dealing with COVID-19 is unlike anything we have seen in decades. Exponential case growth, societal restrictions, and overwhelmed medical facilities just scratch the surface. And while we wait for the silver bullet of a potential vaccine, we need to take small steps now to support each other any way we can. And Arya is doing our part to help.

Magnified Microscopic Image of the COVID-19 Virus

Last month we provided free access to our Virtual Care Platform. It helps Physicians, Medical Offices and Facilities quickly launch a virtual clinic so they can attend to their patients remotely while still accessing their electronically-stored health information. Providing a method for physicians to still care for their patients while also adhering to required social distancing has allowed for a safe and reliable way for patient visits to continue to occur.

Additionally, we partnered with ICU & Emergency departments in greater Vancouver that have been preparing to handle the influx of patients from COVID-19 infections. Arya will be their medical records and virtual clinic backbone to support the tracking and care of patients that are attended to at these new, virtual facilities. Instead of patients coming into the hospital and tying up beds, ER and ICU doctors will be able to use Arya Virtual Care to virtually tag the patient, assign them to a physician and then meet, assess and provide medical guidance all online. This will minimize personal contact and the spread of infection.

Having tools and care management programs, like ours, provide cutting edge, required solutions for physicians and the medical system to continue to operate while providing the safest possible interaction for them, their patients, and the general community.

While our platform is not a miracle cure or a universal solution, it is one of many small steps we need to put together to help mitigate this pandemic. It's one piece of the puzzle that will work to keep us all safe, healthy and will minimize risk while we collectively #FlattenTheCurve.

Would like to learn more about Arya's Virtual Care Platform? Contact us to setup a demo.


Note: Arya is working synergistically with a number of medical departments in Greater Vancouver. Some of our key features being utilized include;

1. Sending e-fax pre-populated and digitally signed requisitions and prescriptions directly to labs, hospitals, referred providers or pharmacies

2. Providing remote, virtual access for physicians to patients through our video telehealth solution

3. Remote access to patient files so physicians can work from home or other non-clinic locations.



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