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Vancouver Student and Innovator Thrives in Health Tech Internship

More than ever, I am impressed by the confidence and innovation shown by young Canadian technologists and businesspeople. Young entrepreneurs, co-op students, and interns alike are earnestly contributing to the output of technologies that are disrupting industries or just simply making lives easier for people.

Matt Pidlisecky is a sales and marketing intern completing his final business internship with Arya Health before he graduates with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Victoria. Pidlisecky has been tasked with creating enhancements to Ayra’s customer relationship management (CRM) processes, updating its website, and providing innovative thinking in relation to marketing Arya Health’s cloud-based software. A software that enables online patient scheduling, digital eFax, ePrescribing, and digital notes among other physician practice management features.

The New Digital Landscape in Physician / Patient Care

“Digital solutions and EMR (electronic medical record) software have now become the catalyst that is changing the future of healthcare in Canada,” began Pidlisecky.

“Currently, there are three main issues that EMR’s fix with respect to the patient and Physician relationship,” stated Pidlisecky.

“Firstly, is the digitization and cloud back-up of patient medical information. Now that we have begun to push for change, patient files are now cloud based and backed up so if a computer is damaged or lost the patient file doesn’t go with it. In Arya‘s case those medical records are hosted on compliant servers based here in Canada.”

“Secondly, digital solutions have allowed for remote access to information between patients and physicians,” shared Pidlisecky. “EMR technology allows doctors to access the information they need from wherever they are, where previously they would need to go into their practice to find paper documents stored in files.”

“Lastly, there is a workflow of information that has been improved because of EMR technology. Today faxes can be automatically received electronically, matched to a Patient ID number, and automatically saved to the correct patient’s file. No tedious sorting, scanning, printing, or copying. Having this flow of information,” explained Pidlisecky, “allows for patients to receive their results faster, and eliminates the risk of losing important documents.”

Pidlisecky added,

“Having digital solutions in place have dramatically improved patient care, and reduced cost burdens for physicians.”

Tech Internships Offer Huge Potential

Pidlisecky did his research in choosing Arya Health for his final internship.

Said Pidlisecky, “I really enjoy the sales and marketing side of business, and after contacting some of my mentors it became clear that the technology industry is where I can apply my skills to succeed, especially with the amount of growth potential available. After coming to the conclusion that I wanted to work in tech, I needed to find a company that I saw aligned values with.”

“I did a quick Google search to find the top Vancouver start-up companies and found a list titled “101 Top SaaS Start-ups and Companies in Vancouver ” and after scrolling through the list I landed upon Arya Health!”

“I was immediately drawn into the company because of my own personal experiences and confusion with how outdated the Canadian healthcare system is, which made me want to be a part of the change,” revealed Pidlisecky.

“After interviewing with the Founders at Arya, I was able to land a position for my final co-op semester, and I could not be more happy with the outcome!”

Internship Learnings

“When I heard the phrase, “I wear lots of hats”, I never knew what that actually felt like until now.”

“During my internship with Arya Health, I have been able to be a part of a team that wants to make a change to the status quo of healthcare in Canada. The energy our team brings to foster this change is unlike anything I have experienced before,” said Pidlisecky.

“I have had the opportunity to work on the Sales and Marketing team, and with that has come an immense amount of development within strategy, analysis, campaigns, business development, partnerships and many other areas. Over the course of my internship, I have earned the trust and confidence of my superiors, allowing me to work in a fast-moving environment without always needing to search for approval. Not having people micromanage has allowed me to grow as a businessperson faster than I ever could have expected,” said. Pidlisecky.


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