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Why can I not get a family doctor in Canada?

The common question that is frequently asked by Canadians is, “why is it so hard to get a family doctor?” Although this is a layered question with multiple issues leading to the source, there have been statistics put out by the Canadian Medical Association that shines a light on the absence of physicians in Canada.

In a study conducted by the Canadian Medical Association, they found that in 2019, there were only 2.41 doctors for every 1000 people across Canada, and this number gets even slimmer the more rural you move. This makes it very challenging for Canadians to find a doctor when the numbers show that for every 1 doctor, they must take care of 414 patients.

Source: Supply, Distribution and Migration of Canadian Physicians, 2018, Canadian Institute for Health Information

"In 2017, Canada was ranked against all developed nations with regard to physician numbers. This study showed that Canada has 2.7 physicians per 1,000 population (including residents) compared to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) average of 3.5 (2017 or nearest year). Canada’s physician/population ratio ranks 29 out of 36 nations ahead of the US, Chile, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Korea, and Turkey."

Source: Health Statistics 2017, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

It has become clear that there just is not enough doctors to accommodate for the growing population within Canada, and it becomes even more difficult when the systems and software that healthcare professionals use are unintuitive, confusing to use, and overall a financial burden. Although there is no quick fix to a systemic issue, there are ways to enhance the lives of the doctors who work so hard to keep us healthy. This starts with giving healthcare professionals the resources they need to succeed in their work, limiting burnout, and ensuring high quality customer service.

Arya Health works hard to create the best all inclusive EMR on the market. We do this by giving doctors a software that is so intuitive, most people do not even need training to start using it. Our design and features are simple, and beautiful to use, making your daily duties at your clinic enjoyable to do. We also know how burdensome high costing EMR’s can be, so we have our price set at $299 with no hidden fees, add ons, or barriers to exit. We also pride ourselves in having a same day go live program that allows new clinics to be up and running the same day. We want to ensure the physicians across Canada have the help and support they need from their EMR vendor.

About Arya Health


Arya Health is an electronic health record system built by physicians for physicians. Used across Canada, it helps clinics manage their patient records simply, intuitively, and efficiently. The technology used in providing healthcare is antiquated, slow, overly complex, and overpriced. Arya’s philosophy is to build technology for physicians that is beautiful, intuitive, easy to use, saves you headaches and saves you money. Contact us now!


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