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Employee Spotlight

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Tara Macklin-Smith - Director, Client Engagement

How long have you worked with Arya? I have worked at Arya since October 2021, but have been in the EMR space for 5 years and Healthcare since 2013.

Favorite Animal?

Definitely my dog Maggie Mae, but if I had to pick a species of animal I would say Panda Bear, because like me, they are cute and cuddly until you piss them off.

Summarize what you do at Arya

A little bit of everything! I am a generalist who likes to know a little bit about a lot of things. On an average day, I am in meetings 5-6 hours with both clients and our own internal team. I do a lot of work around business operations, scaling Arya and onboarding new clients to our ecosystem.

Favorite TV series?

Describe the Arya's company culture In progress! We have only really started to onboard permanent employees in 2021, so Arya is still developing and growing it’s culture. That means that everyone gets input in what Arya should look like. Right now, it is a lot of video calls, jokes and sharing of our lives through slack channels. I love the asynchronous communication, so you never feel like you have to work outside of hours. I also love that our company prioritizes off time and makes sure our employees can unplug as much as possible. All of which is very rare, but important, in the tech space.

Favorite TV Series?

Criminal Minds! I love the puzzle and trying to guess who the killer is early. I also love the psychological aspect of the show, as I find the human mind fascinating . What is your favorite part about working at Arya? Definitely the people. What makes a company or role for me is the people I work with every day. Attitude, willingness to lend a helping hand and teamwork are all really important to me and I am happy to see that all of those exist at Arya.

What about Arya EHR gets you excited for the future of healthcare? The simplicity! Before the pandemic, the #1 cause of clinician burnout was the burden of documentation and having to utilize clunky or inefficient EMRs. I am excited to see the fresh, simple interface and business goals of Arya. I think most providers would love to simplify their practice and focus more on what matters, their patients.


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