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Employee Spotlight

Afrin Bader - Project Manager

Afrin Bader

How long have you worked with Arya?

I have been working at Arya for 4 months now!

Summarize what you do at Arya

I am responsible to do QA and BA roles at Arya as an intern. I usually work under supervision of Tara- the of Director Client Engagement- and report back to her my status of work every day.

Describe the Arya's company culture

Arya’s work culture is very positive, the team members are very supportive and are always there to help others.

What is your favorite part about working at Arya?

The best part of working at Arya is that the people here are very helpful and understanding to

other team members. Also, the work culture is very flexible and accommodating!

What about Arya EHR gets you excited for the future of healthcare?

I have learnt several things at Arya in a very short span of time. There are several opportunities and areas where I am excited to learn and explore; and the best part is that my team is very supportive to help me grow!


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