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Does British Columbia have more female or male physicians? Let's find out!

Insights from the BC College of Physicians Annual Report.

BC Physicians by Specialty, Gender, Age and More!

Ever wonder how many physicians there are in BC? Or what their age and gender breakdown is? Well, each year the BC College of Physicians releases their Annual General Report with exactly this information. Their report provides easy to digest demographics on their registered physicians. Here are some of their findings.

Professionally Active Physicians

Family Physicians vs Specialists

The split between Family Physicians and Specialists is almost 50/50 however a vast majority of those specialists are based in the lower mainland while the family physicians are spread throughout the province. (Geographic Distribution below)

Gender Breakdown

As for women, we see that there is almost a 50/50 split for family physicians compared to men (3016 to 3704). However, overall we see about 60% of BC doctors are male. The gender balance has been getting closer and closer to par over the past few years as we see more and more women entering the medical profession.

Age Splits

The age distribution is quite insightful as we see a large percentage of physicians under the age of 50. Below is the breakdown of age by Gender and by type of Physician.

Geographic Distribution

As would be expected, we see that specialists are mostly located in the larger urban centres and locations that have medical teaching programs.

International Medical Graduate (IMGs) Breakdown

Many physicians and patients are often interested as to how many international medical graduates are part of the BC College of Physicians and actively practicing here in the province. IMGs are physicians that finished their medical degree in another country, who come to Canada for "an informal educational allow them to become familiar with the provincial medical system." Many IMGs aim to get a residency position in the province and this program assists in getting them, "a competitive advantage when applying".


If you are interested in reading more about the demographics and breakdown of physicians in British Columbia, we encourage you to view the complete report which can be found here.

Also for more information on the BC College of Physicians you can follow the CPSBC here: or visit their website at; .



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