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Arya Dashboard is now live!

Arya Health’s newly updated homepage introduces a range of enhancements that provide healthcare professionals with a comprehensive overview of their clinic’s operations. One prominent feature is the patient count, which displays the total number of patients within your clinic. By selecting this count, users are directed to their clinic’s patient list, streamlining access to vital patient information.

Arya dashboard

Additionally, the homepage offers insights into unsigned results, indicating the total number of results pending review. Clinical users are seamlessly directed to the global results tab, filtered to display their assigned results awaiting review, while non-clinical users can view their results count and access the global results tab with an ‘All users” filter for comprehensive result tracking.

The inclusion of referral information is another valuable addition, showing the total number of referrals awaiting review. Clinical users can easily access the global Referrals tab with their name filtered to display assigned referrals pending review, while non-clinical users can view their referral count on the homepage and access the global Referrals tab with an All users filter for an extensive overview of clinic referrals.

Furthermore, the homepage now provides detailed tasks counts, including the total number of tasks, urgent tasks, and overdue tasks. Selecting these counts directs users to their tasks bucket for efficient task management, prioritizing urgent or overdue tasks when necessary. Finally, the homepage features an eFax section that displays counts for faxes in the Inbox, items in the Outbox queued for faxing, and failed faxes sent by the clinic. By selecting these counts, users can conveniently access their global eFax inbox, outbox, or the eFax Sent box with Failed items filtered. These updates offer a comprehensive and streamlined user experience, facilitating access to critical patient data, results, referrals, tasks and eFax activities within one centralized location.

Arya Health’s freshly revamped homepage is a game-changer for healthcare professionals, offering an array of tools that streamline and boost efficiency in clinical management. The inclusion of a patient count right on the homepage provides an immediate, bird’s-eye view of the clinic patient population. This not only simplifies the task of keeping track of patient numbers but also expedites access to the patient list. For instance, when a clinic experiences an influx of new patients, a physician can instantly click on the patient count to view the list, enabling them to efficiently allocate resources and provide timely care.

About Arya Health:


Arya Health is an electronic health record system designed by physicians for physicians. It is used in clinics across Canada and helps streamline patient records management. The technology used in our healthcare software is constantly evolving to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of clinics and provide a better overall experience for healthcare professionals and patients.


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