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A Case Study: How Arya reduced a Cardiac Clinic's Overhead by 2 MOAs

Updated: May 6

The Cardiac Clinic in this case study is renowned for its dedication to providing specialized care for patients living with heart failure. However, the clinic faced challenges due to growing patient volumes and overwhelmed staff members experiencing burnout. Recognizing the need for change, the clinic sought the expertise of an external consultant who identified the operational inefficiencies of their legacy EHR system and recommended adopting a modern and efficient solution. After a thorough search process, the clinic implemented Arya EHR, resulting in remarkable outcomes.

Streamlined Workflows and Time Savings: The Arya EHR pilot project proved to be a resounding success. Through its implementation, the clinic was able to significantly reduce administrative burden and streamline workflows. A user survey conducted among clinicians revealed that they saved an average of 10 minutes per patient during each visit. Additionally, Arya's thoughtful design and automated workflows eliminated the need for two full-time administrative assistants, further enhancing efficiency.

Exceeding Target Timelines: One of the most notable achievements of the implementation was the reduction in the target timeline for medical optimization. Previously, it took the clinic an average of 15 months to achieve this goal. However, with the integration of Arya EHR, they were able to achieve medical stabilization and optimization within a timeframe of less than six months. This improvement allowed the clinic to provide faster and more effective care to their patients, greatly improving their overall quality of life.

Impressive Patient-Staff Ratios: Comparing the Cardiac Clinic to a similar heart failure clinic in the region, it became evident that Arya EHR outperformed the competition. Despite the other clinic employing nearly three times the amount of clinical and clerical staff, the clinic using Arya achieved the same benchmark of six-month timelines. In fact, the clinic utilizing Arya served an average of 116 active patients per clinical staff member, while the other clinic only managed 40 patients per staff member. This exceptional patient-staff ratio not only resulted in significant cost savings for the Cardiac Clinic but also demonstrated equivalent patient outcomes.

Boosting Job Satisfaction and Reducing Burnout: Beyond the impressive operational and efficiency improvements, the impact on the staff's job satisfaction and burnout levels cannot be underestimated. By streamlining workflows and reducing administrative burdens, Arya EHR brought immense relief and renewed enthusiasm among the clinic's team members. This newfound efficiency allowed them to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional care to their patients. The positive impact on staff morale was immeasurable.

Conclusion: The implementation of Arya EHR has revolutionized patient care at the Cardiac Clinic. With streamlined workflows, significant time savings, and the ability to achieve medical optimization within a shorter timeframe, Arya has proven to be a game-changer. The remarkable patient-staff ratios and equivalent patient outcomes have resulted in substantial cost savings. Moreover, the newfound efficiency and reduction in burnout have significantly improved job satisfaction among the clinic's staff members. Through the adoption of Arya EHR, the Cardiac Clinic has set a new standard in providing exceptional care for patients living with heart failure.


Overhead savings per year = 2 FT Admin at $50,000 each, totalling $100,000

Time Savings per patient visit = 10 minutes per patient

Clinic optimization = 50% less staff than a similar clinic

The full Case Study can be found here!

Download PDF • 1.10MB

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